The Engineering Research Centre specialises in all aspects of research but in particular on:

  • Fundamental modelling to better understand industrial combustion and heat transfer problems to improve efficiency and reduce emissions
  • Novel control strategies
  • Novel optoelectronic devices for improved sensing

World leading engineering research

In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, in collaboration with the Sustainable Environment Research Centre, the Engineering Research Centre achieved a profile of 4* 1%, 3* 55%, 2* 35% and 1* 8% with 14.5 FTE Staff in the General Engineering and Mineral & Mining Engineering Unit of Assessment, with 77% of the outputs being ranked in the 3*/4* category.

Collaboration with international partners

Collaboration with industry is extensive with major companies such as:

It is this long term view to collaboration with key industrial partners that has been at the core of the ERC since its inception.

At the current time the centre is managing approximately £20m in externally funded research projects from bodies such as the EU Commission under its framework and research fund for coal and steel programmes.