Members of the Engineering Research Centre

Dr Jiping Bai
Dr Bai specialises in sustainable materials, components, and structural systems, with emphasis on technical advances in sustainable materials and structural systems. His work has been broadly based within the field of concrete science, technology, structural systems and computational optimization, involving research, consultancy, learning and teaching.

Dr. Alex Z.S. Chong
His industrial experience includes the application of AI techniques to the condition monitoring and control of engineering systems, computational and empirical modelling of combustion processes, mechanical design and quality control in high volume production lines.

Professor Nigel Copner
Research interests cover novel laser technologies and opto-electronics having worked in silicon valley, DERA and Renishaw.

Professor John Kinuthia
Research interests are sustainable development and waste management; development of sustainable civil engineering materials, by way of utilising natural, industrial and agricultural waste for development of infrastructure.

Professor Guoping Liu
Main research interests are networked Control Systems, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, industrial advanced control applications, nonlinear system identification and control.

Dr. T.M.A. Maksoud
Main interests are in Grinding technology, heat transfer analyses, computational fluid dynamics, Aerodynamics, and Artificial Intelligence use in Manufacturing.

Jonathan Oti
Low-energy production methods with techniques that recycle industrial waste to produce a new generation of concrete, mortar and bricks through the application of new technologies, with a research interests revolve around geotechnical investigation, structural integrity and construction materials development, especially cement, mortar and concrete.

Dr Roderick Robinson
Dr Robinson works in two main areas of applied research, namely soil structure interaction and soil stabilization.

Dr. C.K. Tan
Experimental and mathematical modelling aspects of combustion engineering, particularly pilot scale facilities and large production furnaces, with experience of a range of modelling methods including CFD, zone modelling and artificial intelligence techniques including neural networks and genetic algorithms.

Professor Steve J. Wilcox
The application of artificial intelligence techniques for the monitoring and control of a variety of engineering systems and processes, such as the monitoring and prediction of cutting insert breakage during face milling, the control of waste water treatment processes and the monitoring and control of combustion systems.

Jonathan Williams
Specializes in battery technology and vehicle power trains.

Visiting Professors and Research Fellows

Professor Neil Fricker is experienced in the field of energy utilisation in industry, commerce, the home and road transport sectors, gained from several decades working in the steel and gas industries. His particular expertise is in clean, efficient combustion on large scale industrial combustion systems through the application of modelling techniques, pilot scale tests and full plant testing. It relates to a range of fuels including coal, oil, gas and renewables.

Dr. Jeff Rhine
Energy usage and efficiency particularly associated with gaseous combustion.

Dr. Robert Tucker
Mathematical modelling of industrial furnaces and combustion systems, with particular interest in the modelling of radiative heat transfer using the zone method. Application of these models to predict product heating quality, thermal efficiency and flue stack emissions of carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen related to manufacturing processes in the steel, glass, clay and ceramics industries.