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Project steps

We understand every project is different, but our contribution can range from an idea to a working prototype that is ready for mass manufacture.

It may include a feasibility study, schematic and physical layout of the electronic circuit, design of embedded firmware, software, functional mobile app, design and development of LabVIEW applications etc. We often produce prototypes for concept, production, manufacturing and assembly, testing and debug. Our team has the expertise to develop a 3D model of an enclosure and use additive manufacturing for prototype.

The type of commercial projects that the Centre works on can be based on a novel idea, or to replace a product that has seen its components become obsolete and needs a redesign. It may well be an algorithm running on a computer that needs to be ported onto a bespoke handheld embedded device.

Design care

Our many years of experience mean that we carefully consider the EMC, EMI requirements of the final product, whether it is for a general consumer, automotive or medical application.

Digital, analogue, or mixed-signal technologies will mean specific PCB layouts management, including earthing, partitioning, multilayer PCBs decoupling, EMC protection, EMI, RF optimisation, filtering, amplification, signal-to-noise ratios and noise floors. 

Our team of experts would be able to discuss/advise the required elements during the initial project phase.