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The group’s mobile and satellite research is supported by the following facilities.

  • Cisco Academy networking laboratory
  • Wireless communications laboratory including a 1-65 GHz anechoic chamber

  • Satellite communication earth station including wireless meteorological data sensors and satellite tracking capability

  • Communication systems simulation laboratory equipped with PCs running the latest versions of MATLAB, SIMULINK, STK and other software. STK is used for example by NASA for planning space missions, and MATLAB/SIMULINK is widely used in industry. 

  • Calypto Laboratory, sponsored by Calypto Design Systems Inc, which has software licences and support for the Catapult C toolset. This is used to develop advanced electronic products, such as the next generation of smart phones, more quickly and cost-effectively and to help engineers overcome design challenges in the increasingly complex world of board and chip design. We are one of the few UK universities that have been granted permission to use the software worth £1.9M

  • Renesas Embedded Systems Laboratory, which has 25 high-end terminals running cutting edge tools. The facility was designed in collaboration with Renesas Electronics, the world’s leading supplier of microcontrollers, whose sponsorship ensures that we are always working with the latest technologies and development tools

  • 5G NR system level simulator (SLS), which provides a virtual and flexible way to evaluate coverage and capacity for mobile systems under realistic conditions without the need to deal with the problems of live networks or reduced scope prototypes. The tool will allow rapid collection of a wide range of performance metrics that are useful for the analysis and optimisation of different radio resource management algorithms. The specific architecture of the tool constitutes a deployment scenario module that creates a small cell based 5G network, as well defining the user mobility and distribution within the network

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