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Professor Jonathan Rodriguez

Jonathan Rodriguez is Professor of Mobile Communications at the University of South Wales and is an Honorary Senior Researcher at the University of Bradford. His area of expertise includes:  5G mobile systems, Terahertz communications, 2D system level simulation methodologies, and beamforming. His research work have resulted in over 500 published scientific works and 4000 citations. Professor Rodriguez is an IET Fellow and a Charted Engineer with advisory roles on FP7, and CSIM as well as being the founding member of IEEE Technical Subcommittee on Green Communications and Computing.

Dr Ali Roula

Professor Ali Roula is Professor of Biomedical Engineering and specialises in applying the problem-solving techniques of computing and engineering to advance human health and healthcare. He has published over 50 research contributions in the field of biomedical engineering and computing and is a regular reviewer of technical conferences and journals such as pattern recognition, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging and others.

Dr Kazi Huq  - Mobile and Satellite Research

Dr Kazi Huq as been a senior member of the IEEE since August 2017. He is also an Associate Editor of the IET Journal of Quantum Communication. He was awarded the prestigious Marie-Curie Individual fellowship for his groundbreaking idea on THz based beyond-5G system.

Nicholas Avlonitis - Mobile and Satellite Research

Dr Avlonitis is a senior photonics engineer. He previously worked at Airbus in 2010 where he developed projects proposing the use of advanced optical communication systems for drones. 

Dr Sharmini Enoch

Dr Sharmini Enoch has nearly 14 years of experience in academia in UAE, UK and India focusing in the areas of Electronics, Mobile and Wireless radio systems and technologies. 

Dr Abdulkareen Karasuwa from Nigeria, PhD July 2019

Dr Abdulkareem Karasuwa holds a PhD in Satellite Communications, a MSc in Electronics and Information Technology and a BEng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from USW. His research interest is in satellite component of the 5G system and Interference management of the High Throughput Satellite Systems (HTS) systems. 

Dr ekerete kufre

Dr K'ufre-Mfon Ekerete is a Chartered Engineer, researcher, data scientist, satellite communications and ICT professional. An alumnus of the Mobile & Satellite Communications Masters,  his current research interest is in satellite communications research, focusing on using machine learning and deep learning as tools for developing FMTs, including the development and testing of novel rainfall DSD models for predicting rain fade.

Antonio Morgado - PhD student Mobile and Satellite Communications

Antonio J. Morgado's thesis title is: Ubiquitous radio access stratum for 5G and beyond.

Burak Unal - Mobile and Satellite Research

Burak Unal's thesis title is: Mobility Enhancement for Digital Video Broadcasting Networks via Satellites.

Jinwara Surattanagul, PhD student Mobile and Satellite Research

Jinwara Surattanagul's thesis title is: The requirements of high throughput satellite communication and earth observation systems and developing new techniques to enhance their reliability and quality of service (QoS).

Mohamed Abdurahman Mobile and Satellite Research

Abdurahman Mohamed's thesis title is: Wideband channel characterisation for indoor and outdoor multipath channels at micro-& MM-wave frequency bands.


Amrarul Islam's thesis is: Developing the Networked Control Technology of Multiple Smart Surveillance Systems for the IoT. 

Assadeg Kalifa Alfadreek, MPhil student

Assadeg Kalifa Alfadreek's thesis title is: Influence of antenna placement on data rate for indoor multi-path wireless channel at 60GHz.