USW awarded funding for temperature-testing technology research

Treforest campus on sunny day

Engineers Alexandre Oleon, Professor Nigel Copner and Sivagunalan Sivanathan have been awarded £43,239 from the Welsh Government RD&I COVID Response Fund to do research into wrist-worn technology that can measure a person’s temperature over a full day.

If the research is successful, the armbands could be used to discover if an individual has been suffering from fever in the previous 24 hours, and whether they need further tests to see if they have a Covid-19 infection.

Led by Alexandre Oleon, a design engineer and lecturer, the project will look at a way to log body temperature over a 24-hour period in an effort to help identify the presence of virus-induced fevers.

The relative temperature measurements will be taken via a bespoke wristband, which will trigger a notification on entering a variety of areas, such as a school or university, or other community settings.

The researchers are working with manufacturing business Procter Bros, which has a base in Bedwas, Caerphilly, to develop a thermal imaging system that can be triggered by the same connection.

Government Covid funding and/or private investment funding will be applied for to scale up the trials if the concept is proven, IP protected, and market requirements identified. It will also be designed for manufacture in Wales via licensing agreements.​​​​​​​

It is expected that the technology could have applications in a wide range of workplace and community settings across the world.